Q1: Can hair be transplanted into scar tissue successfully?

A1: In men and women , there are multiple causes of scar tissue in the scalp with hair loss. Most commonly, cosmetic surgery procedures involving the scalp and face such as facelifts or forehead lifts can cause scarring with hair loss. The state-of-the-art technique of minigrafting and micrografting can create a natural appearance of hair growth which hides the scars.

Q2: Is hair transplantation successful for overplucked eyebrows or eyelashes?

A2: Eyebrow or eyelash transplantation is a very successful but tedious cosmetic surgery. Single hair grafts are placed in slits at very narrow angles in the eyebrows. The eyelashes can also be created with single hair grafts but at straight angles. These new hairs may also be dyed for cosmetic purposes.

Q3: Can acne scars be improved with laser resurfacing?

A3: The laser can significantly improve acne scarring by resurfacing the edges of the scars and stimulating the formation of collagen. The addition of other tissue fillers such as autogenous fat or Alloderm can enhance the results with the laser. This surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or light sedation.

Q4: Can liposuction improve heavy male breasts?

A4: Tumescent liposuction surgery can be regarded as a sculpting technique designed for those areas with fat deposits. The male breast is a common area contoured by liposuction. This surgery works best in patients with normal weight and healthy elastic skin.

Q5: Is there a surgical procedure for those wishing to have fuller lips?

A5: Lip augmentation can be accomplished by implanting one of a number of materials (Gore-Tex, Alloderm and Fat Tissue). This technique activates one's own collagen matrix and scar tissue which prolongs the results from lip enhancement.

Q6: Are there nonsurgical ways to maintain healthier looking skin?

A6: Skin products not available over-the-counter can be recommended by your cosmetic surgeon. These products revitalize, rejuvenate, exfoliate and cleanse the skin. A good skin conditioning program should continue on a daily basis before and after your cosmetic surgery to maintain the results. These products can be found at the Hair, Laser and Liposuction Center of Dallas.

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